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Pedro Costa - State of the World (x)

I think this whole video is great but this particular section really caught my eye and really speaks to how Costa undermines the auteur label. It’s clear that he wants to show his own vision but one that is alignment with the subjects he films. It’s almost a ‘(largely) by the people, with the people, for the people’ mentality that takes into account the realities and truths of the impoverished, marginalized communities he films in Portugal. What Costa expresses above is very important because most white westerner filmmakers tend to view cinematic creation ultimately at their hands and can be molded how they want no matter what the cost to the subjects and communities and groups affected by such depictions. 

I interpret the beginning of the excerpt of him creating the initial vision but in a bare outline and is largely controlled by the people who are in the film. The closest most known director who does the same is Jorge Sanjinés. In my opinion, Costa’s the only contemporary well-known white European filmmaker aside from Claire Denis who can actually make honest depictions of marginalized communities. And what I mean by that term is the colonized and descendants of the colonized (such as immigrants who come to Europe). In the case of Costa, he depicts immigrants from Cape Verde, which is a former colony of Portugal as well as inhabitants of Cape Verde like in Casa de Lava

Honestly..kind of shame that he does so few films? But it’s also kind of great because every time he releases a new film every 5+ years it’s a masterpiece in so many ways.

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Frank Godwin, published in a 1921 edition of The Blue Fairy Book for “The Story of Prince Ahmed and the Fairy Paribanou.”

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Frank Godwin, published in a 1921 edition of The Blue Fairy Book for “The Story of Prince Ahmed and the Fairy Paribanou.”

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 Ilya Repin

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The Legend of the Suram Fortress (Sergei Parajanov, 1984)

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Exteriors in The Terrorizers (1986), Edward Yang

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Piotr Stachiewicz (Polish, 1858-1938)

12 months - full set from “Boży rok”, where each illustration was based on proverbs and saints associated with the month.

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Do you love me? How much do you love me? How long will you love me? 

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Favourite animators: Shinya Ohira (大平晋也)

Learn/watch more:

The one and only Shinya Ohira

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conspiracy wall…..

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conspiracy wall…..

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Zan Boko*

Gaston Kaboré’s film Zan Boko explores the conflict between tradition and modernity, a central theme in many contemporary African films, such as Keita and Ta Dona. It tells the poignant story of a village family swept up in the current tide of urbanization. In doing so, Zan Boko expertly reveals the transformation of an agrarian, subsistence society into an industrialized commodity economy. Zan Boko is also one of the first African films to explore the impact of the mass media in changing an oral society into one where information is packaged and sold. The film provides viewers with a unique opportunity to see our own televised civilization through the eyes of the traditional societies it is replacing. via

pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3, pt. 4, pt. 5, pt. 6, pt. 7 - in Moré with English subtitles

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Ekti Nadir Naam, The Name of a River (2002)

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Pastoral: To Die In The Country (Shuji Terayama, 1974)

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1989 Shinya Tsukamoto

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Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (Robert Parrish, 1966)

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